The project urbanDRONEscheduler aims to deliver a real-time digital platform for drone operation in an urban area based on approved predefined flight routes strategy. The platform consists of the Drone Flight Control Center (DFCC) supervised by city authority on the server-side, and APP/HTTPS-based application on a client-side. Through the client application, the drone user is requesting a ride defining time, start & final destination and the cargo. DFCC is approving corridor routes in real-time based on risk analysis, taking into consideration drone performance, external factors such as weather conditions, and cargo list. During the flight, DFCC is monitoring drone ride by the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) with continuous flight auditing and management on possible enforcement interface. This Pan-EU project will be realized by higher education and four business partners from three different RIS countries and two different Hubs, and by testing in three living lab RIS cities.