Project promotion was held at University of Maribor on December 22, 2021

Video: Real life final testing in urban area, by Sine & University of Maribor

Video: Testing in industrial zone of Bogatic, by RGS Innovation and Bogatic Municipality
under the Contract No. 248/2021-01 on 31.05.2021.

Video: Testing in industrial zone of Belgrade, by RGS Innovation

Video: Testing at sport airport near Cacak, by NAAEV

Video: Drone take off by DFCC software


User application


It is a simple application for Android devices. Sends available data: bandwidth and length (latitude, longitude), altitude, data transmission time, its identification, other available sensors (direction, barometric sensor, location accuracy, acceleration). When registering the device, the user adds one of the identification numbers that can be obtained (imei, imsi, android id).Once the mission is approved, the application begins sending location data and

Monitoring application